Convert Case

Can’t be bothered to start over and retype anything after accidentally leaving the caps lock on while typing something?

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The Convert Case Text Generator Tool is here to serve you.

A highly useful online text editor that allows you to modify your text and switch between lower-case and upper-case characters, capitalize, uncapitalize, convert to mixed cases, and more. Investigate the choices below:

Sentence Case

You can paste any text into the sentence case converter, and it will automatically format it as a fully formed, structured sentence.

It begins by capitalizing the first letter of every sentence before changing the rest of the text to lowercase and changing all i’s to I’s. Each letter that follows a full stop is changed to an uppercase letter.

Note: it won’t capitalize names or locations.

This is a sentence case example.

Lower Case

The lower case text converter will let you to uncapitalize text by changing all the letters in your text to lowercase letters, if you’re wondering how to do so. Simply lowercase the text you need to generate, put it in the box above, and choose the “lower case” tab.

here is an illustration of lower case.

Upper Case

Any text you enter will be converted into all uppercase letters using the upper case transformer. In essence, it will convert all lowercase characters into capital letters while maintaining the uppercase letter format.

Simply choose the text that needs to be changed, copy it into the box above, choose the UPPER CASE tab, and you’re done.


Capitalized Case

Every word’s first letter will be automatically changed to upper case using the capitalized case converter, while the other letters will remain lower case.

Copy the text you want to create in this format, put it in the box above, and then click the Capitalized Case tab.

This Is An Illustration Of Capitalization Case.

Alternsting Case

You can change your text (in any format) into text that alternates between lowercase and uppercase by using the alternating case converter. Within the same word, it will produce a capital letter and then a lower case letter.

tHis Is aN iLlustration of aN aLtErNaTiNg CaSe.

Tiltle Case

For those who aren’t quite sure what to call their future essay, the title case converter is ideal. In essence, it makes sure that in the context of a title, the proper letters are capitalized. Words like “an” will be left in all lower case, and words like “Title” that are significant will be changed.

This Is a Title Case Illustration.