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a search engine for images and hints generated by artificial intelligence. Company founder Sharif Shameem introduced a new Lexica Aperture model that can create realistic photos.

What is Lexica? Lexica an AI-powered Image Generator Tool. You should visit the Lexica website if you’re seeking for ideas for your next piece of AI-generated art. With its text suggestions, it is a sizable collection of more than 5 million Stable Diffusion pictures. The online app is rather simple and well-designed, with only a search box, a straightforward discord link, and of course the photographs. According to the creator Akash, it functions as a search engine for AI-generated pictures and suggestions. If you want to see artworks about astronauts, for example, you may type “astronaut” into the search bar. It’s wonderful that you can see the precise prompt that was used to create the image on the left. For even cooler outcomes, you can copy and remix these text prompts. As An Inspirational Source… I picture my next piece of AI-generated art being inspired by Lexica. It is filled with amazing artwork, including pixel art, dragons, and fantasy landscapes. Even pictures of politicians and celebrities are included! Yes, the Stable Diffusion model of permissive AI allows for the creation of renowned individuals. Try it out for yourself and be astounded at how quickly these AI models are developing. Sharif claims that Lexica is currently supplying 100 GB of photos per hour and is continuing to expand. To browse hundreds of photographs on one page rapidly, switch to the Grid Layout option. To view the parameters, such as the prompt, seed, etc., click on each image. Conclusion I’m delighted someone put together an accessible and simple to use library of AI-generated photos. Scrolling through Stable Diffusion’s starboard channel on Discord is a hassle every time. I anticipate that the web app will continue to add capabilities in the future. I can only think of a few right now: the ability to filter and rate photographs according to how attractive they are. being able to register and develop a library of photographs and prompts support for MidJourney or Dall-E2 and other AI picture generators. Service page. to support the app’s creators as they continue to provide their wonderful creations for free. FAQ Is Lexica free? Lexica Aperture can be tried out for free via the straightforward web interface after logging in. What sites are like lexica art? The best alternative is promptMANIA, which is free. Other great sites and apps similar to Lexica. art are PromptBase, KREA, OpenArt and PromptHero.