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Looka provides you with everything you require to start your brand and look fantastic right now. What’s best? While artificial intelligence handles the labor-intensive aspects of graphic design, you retain creative control.

What is Looka and How Does it Work?

Looka is a visual design tool driven by AI that enables you to create a brand identity from the ground up, beginning with your logo. After creating and purchasing a logo, you can create marketing materials like business cards, social media posts, letterheads, posters, and more with the help of your Brand Kit. In other words, everything you need to make your company seem fantastic right now! You may also register for Looka’s website builder to construct a company website, an online store, a portfolio, or a blog using a drag-and-drop editor and configurable themes. Why must I create a logo before moving on with anything else? Your logo serves as the cornerstone for all subsequent branding initiatives and influences the type and colour scheme you use. After using Looka to create your logo, the platform can instantly create other assets for your business based on that logo with almost any effort on your part. Which is crucial since when beginning a business, time is of the importance! How do I access every file? Can they be printed now? The files for your purchased logo and other branding components will be sent to you through email. Additionally, you may access them by clicking your bought logo on the page of your Looka account, which is available from there. You will receive print-ready vector files (EPS, PDF, SVG) and a “Getting Started” guide with details on your logo’s colours and fonts when you purchase a Premium or Enterprise logo package or a Brand Kit subscription. Additionally, we offer PDFs of our business card designs, which you can easily print at home or have printed for you. You refer to the platform as being “AI-powered.” What even does that mean? A good query. Other logo generators frequently provide customizable templates, so the designs they produce are constrained and not original. We employ a non-template approach to logos and supply thousands of unique symbols, fonts, colours, and layouts, in contrast to another site that might only provide a few hundred templates. These four inputs, or “ingredients,” when combined, enable Looka’s AI-based technology to create an infinite number of designs. Additionally, our technology applies design elements such as colour contrast, visual hierarchy, font pairings, stacked text, and more using machine learning. In short, artificial intelligence handles the labor-intensive aspects of graphic design and concept generation, but you retain complete creative control over selecting your favorite logos and refining them until you’re completely satisfied. Do you intend to swap out the designers? My buddy works in design. Our goal at Looka is to make design enjoyable and available to everyone. Providing businesses and side hustlers with a “middle” alternative between doing it oneself and engaging a professional, which may occasionally be a time-consuming or expensive process, is what this implies rather than replacing graphic designers. Many people who are establishing a business lack the funding to hire a graphic designer or agency, which presents a challenge right away. These are the folks that we want to assist! When you were Logojoy. Why did you choose a new name? We had to establish ourselves as more than simply logo designers if we were to succeed in our aim. Even while we adore the term Logojoy, our platform now allows business owners to create their own brands, therefore we sought a name that represented this. How did we get to Looka? As stated by our CEO Dawson: “When I use the word ‘looka,’ I see one of our clients exclaiming, ‘Look at this!'” And when I recall one of our clients mentioning so, they were adamant about wanting to display their design and work to others since they were so proud of it. FAQ Is Looka Is Better thann Canva? Yes.