Top 10 Best AI Chatbot Platforms (April 2023)

Top 10 Best AI Chatbot Platforms


Chatbots are customized computer programs that may communicate verbally or in writing with consumers. Here you will found Top 10 Best AI Chatbot Platforms The greatest technologies are frequently indistinguishable from their human counterparts, and chatbots may impersonate people using artificial intelligence (AI).

AI chatbots are being included by more businesses into their operational procedures, and they are improving consumer product marketing. Nearly every organization may benefit greatly from them, but those aiming to educate and retain clients will benefit the most. In addition to all of this, chatbots may give a company personality and enable more tailored consumer experiences.

Within a few years, chatbot sales are predicted to reach $1 billion, and most companies will employ them in some capacity.

Any successful company should seriously consider utilizing the benefits of the various AI chatbot systems available on the market for companies of all sizes.

Here are the top 10 AI chatbot :

1. Tidio

Businesses may easily add a chatbot to their website with Tidio’s help. You may interact with consumers right away and address their issues in the present. Additionally, it makes it simple to provide benefits like personalized discounts depending on browsing behavior. Additionally, the AI may propose products depending on their behavior.

Numerous CRM, eCommerce, and email marketing tools integrate well with Tidio’s live chat service. The tools and widget are simple to connect with a variety of platforms, including Shopify, Messenger, WordPress, and more.

Some of the most significant answers are:

  • Monitor your visits. Discover which internet pages people visit to tailor your communications.
  • Obtain a current list of all visitors to your website or shop. Identify their areas of interest.
  • Observe what your clients are typing in real time and be prepared to respond.
  • With canned responses, you can serve your clients practically immediately and provide prepared responses to the most common queries.
  • With intuitive integration, you can quickly link Tidio to all the top platforms and solutions in your business without writing any code.

2. Botsify 

Botsify, one of the best fully-managed AI chatbot systems available, allowing businesses to increase their visibility across many channels. For sites like WordPress, WhatsApp, Telegram, and others, you may leverage the platform to build a chatbot.

One of the key aspects of Botsify is the ability to shift customer support inquiries between bots and real people, which helps to ensure a better experience.

Numerous well-known organizations, like Spotify, Toyota, and the World Health Organization, currently utilize Botsify.

The following are some of Botsify’s key characteristics:

  • 190+ languages are supported
  • permits chatbots on various channels
  • possesses analytics and reporting capabilities and can store user data
  • Over 100 integrations

Botsifty has various advantages, including its design as a multi-channel platform, a dedicated account manager, and the availability of live chat. Having said that, you will need to do some code before you can enable advanced answers.

3. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey, a platform for AI chatbots that also utilizes a multi-channel framework, is an additional excellent choice. Businesses use MobileMonkey to extend their consumer marketing efforts across channels including SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

You may configure notifications on the platform for SMS, Slack, and a number of other apps. You may combine commercial programs like email marketing thanks to it as well.

The following are some of MobileMonkey’s primary attributes:

  • Live chat multi-channel handoff
  • Analytics for chatbots
  • SMS marketing chat blasts and Facebook Messenger chat blasts
  • Despite taking some time to learn how to use, MobileMonkey is quite helpful because to its multi-channel bots and outstanding customer service.


An sophisticated conversational AI platform created by EBI.AI allows AI assistants to perform a wide range of jobs. The platform offers you everything required to build up conversational AI, including live chat and system connectivity.

Additionally, the platform offers a group of experts in conversation design, linguistics, and psychology who can examine each discussion the AI assistant has with clients.

The following are some of EBI.AI’s key characteristics:

  • Live conversation
  • Integration of many systems
  • Highly skilled group of experts EBI bank-grade security.
  • For those wishing to create AI helpers for a variety of activities, AI is a fantastic option.

5. Giosg

Another excellent alternative is Giosg, which uses lead generating bots to increase traffic conversion. Over 1,200 businesses utilize it, and it is 4x more successful than any static lead generation form. Through the use of conversational marketing, sales, and support solutions, it interacts with the most valued leads online.

Additionally, the platform provides a live chat software tool that makes it simple to build and maintain a knowledge base of replies. For instance, you may create new words using client information and previous communications.

The following are some of Giosg’s key characteristics:

  • Comprehensive graphic reports
  • CRM and marketing automation software integrations
  • Emoticons, GIFs, movies, and images for AI chatbots
  • Pop-ups and lead capture forms
  • The platform is also advantageous for individuals searching for a seamless implementation because it is simple to use and doesn’t call for any prior coding knowledge.


6. Chatfuel

You can create AI chatbots for Facebook Messenger and Instagram using the Chatfuel platform. It is similar to Giosg in that it doesn’t require any code and has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to use and adapt. Given its simplicity, the AI chatbot platform is one of the most helpful for those trying to introduce the technology into their businesses for the first time.

The following are some of Chatfuel’s key characteristics:

  • Drag-and-drop software
  • simple analytics
  • simple setup
  • Comparatively inexpensive to other platforms
  • Chatfuel provides a variety of options with extras like dedicated account managers and help with programming bots.

7. ProProfs Chat 

ProProfs Chat offers live chat software for 24/7 automation, which is another another choice that doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It was created especially for companies that want real-time assistance and sales solutions for their websites. You can create unique chatbots with ProProfs Chat that automate sales, increase sales, and convert leads.

The following are some of ProProfs Chat’s key features:

  • No coding is necessary
  • Customized greetings, pop-up ads, and product tours
  • anticipates consumer inquiries and offers solutions
  • Integration with other apps is simple.
  • capabilities for data analytics
  • ProProfs is a reasonable alternative that offers organizations a complete customer care solution.

8. Aivo

One of the biggest and most effective chatbot platforms in the world is called Aivo, and it has offices in nine different countries. Aivo creates bots for organizations of all sizes that allow them to speak or text to consumers in real time. Additionally, the bots may be adjusted with the proper auto-responses for each channel.

The following are some of Aivo’s key characteristics:

  • Instantaneous voice or text answers
  • Able to adjust to various channels
  • Simple integration with other tools
  • Many large corporations, like Visa, Uber, General Motors, and LG, employ Aivo.

9. Imperson

Imperson is a leading AI chatbot platform that enables users to build marketing and customer support bots. You may use it to build bots for a number of channels, including Slack, Twitter, Messenger, and more. It supports a range of media inputs, including voice, text, and video.

The conversational engine of Imperson facilitates the creation of tailored dialogues based on user profiles, client objectives, and other elements.

Some of Imperson’s key characteristics are listed below:

  • Analytics expertise
  • Allows for numerous inputs
  • Multi-channel talks that are personalized.

10. ItsAlive 

One of the greatest AI chatbots for Facebook Messenger was developed by the French firm ItsAlive by speeding up FAQ response times, identifying keywords, transferring chats to people when necessary, and doing a lot more. The chatbots at ItsAlive employ keywords that they pick up from users and may subsequently use to respond to new inquiries. Even while it needs a little more technical know-how than other AI chatbot systems, even non-tech users may rapidly grasp the fundamentals.

The following are some of ItsAlive’s key attributes:

  • uses search terms to inform future answers
  • automatically switches to human communication when necessary
  • Quick responses to FAQs
  • Major corporations like Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson utilize ItsAlive as well.


11. Genesys DX

Genesys DX, an agent and bot solution, is the final AI chatbot platform on this list. Genesys DX’s proprietary natural language processing (NLP) technology, which enables businesses to create chatbots that comprehend consumers’ intent without using keyword matching, is one of the main causes contributing to its popularity.

Conversational AI from Genesys DX has the capacity to comprehend complicated language and retain conversational context. Additionally, it responds to clients in a natural way.

The following are some of Genesys DX’s key characteristics:

  • Complex language is interpreted using NLP technology.
  • Allows clients to purchase things via a chatbot own character
  • Companies like Intuit and Edible Arrangements utilize Genesys DX.

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