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For any device, Mubert AI immediately creates tracks that are exactly suited to your content. Background music without a licence fee for all platforms. Blog reading Register online. Price comparison. Pro, Creator, and Ambassador types.

What is Mubert AI?

A firm called Mubert is on a global mission to enable creators. We are reinventing how music is made, enjoyed, and licenced through a cutting-edge collaborative platform that teams musicians with AI.

We’ve made it simpler than ever for content creators of all stripes to licence unique, top-notch, royalty-free music, from streamers to filmmakers to app developers.

It all began with a single, straightforward objective: using AI, develop a new kind of adaptable music.

We started by creating a platform that linked listeners and musicians. We continuously work to enhance our ecosystem by creating the Mubert mobile app, featuring it as “App of the Day” in more than 170 countries, and creating distinctive B2B solutions.

The Maker Economy is Democraticized

We think that content producers need to have immediate access to personalised music. The Mubert platform offers users a vast collection of pre-made tracks and real-time generative music, allowing them to fully express their creativity. Mubert is one of the most flexible and potent licencing systems available, including a broad variety of licence types, dynamic streaming presets, and more than one million samples from more than 4,000 composers.

Users of Mubert can go as far as their imaginations will let them, from casual Twitch streamers to master software builders.

Making a Statement in the Crowd

Using free stock music or music from the YouTube tune collection to stand out from the crowd is a pointless undertaking. In addition to the potential that hundreds of content creators have already utilised the music you select, royalty-free music from conventional libraries never seems to perfectly suit.

Using Mubert Render, users may rapidly create an audio track with a certain duration, genre, and mood, further personalising music than before.

Also, users get access to a sizable collection of thoroughly categorised audio songs that have already been chosen by our experts. Mubert speeds up the creative process by offering more than 100 genres and a variety of features to help you choose the ideal songs.

Developing Artists

Producers, musicians, and artists may rely on Mubert to assist them in making money from their creations. Mubert enables musicians to generate real money while reducing their reliance on live performances and record labels.

On the other hand, developers are aware that they are obtaining professional-grade audio content through the licencing of *real* musicians and producers.

Defending Your Own Work

The Mubert team is aware of how difficult it may be to grasp the copyright system. One’s capacity to operate freely can be hampered by DMCA claims and legal actions. Music makers can trust that the music they licence from Mubert is compatible with all of the world’s top platforms.

Our extensive range of licencing options includes all parties involved in the music industry, including producers, broadcasters, app developers, and advertising. We can assist if your company needs a special licence.

A platform for modern music

Being associated with Mubert implies being a member of the emerging music scene. Our mission, as one of the most cutting-edge and comprehensive music technology platforms available, is to unite artists, innovators, and businesses in order to inspire, revolutionise, and advance the music business.

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